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Paint Correction

What is paint correction?

Paint Correction is the process of removing imperfections in an automobile’s clear coat. This is achieved by using various techniques, tools, and products to massage and/or re-level the clear coat back to its original (or enhanced) state. Imperfections that are present in a vehicle’s finish are sometimes referred to as “swirl marks.” These are caused by improper washing and drying techniques and could have been prevented by taking cautious measures in the cleaning process. Other imperfections may be caused by tree sap, water-spots, or deep scratches from unavoidable contact.

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Polish Correction

2-3 Hours

Improve the appearance and gloss of your paint with a light machine polish. This service is for those looking to remove marring or light scratches. This entry level polish correction service is included in all of our ceramic coating packages.


2 Stage Correction

3-5 Hours

Our 2 step paint correction process removes heavy marring and light to medium scratches. We use a combination of compounds and polishes to achieve 80-90% scratch removal, bringing your vehicle to a showroom-like quality.


Mutli-Stage Correction

5+ Hours

Multi-Step Paint Correction is intended for those looking for the absolute best outcome. We use a combination of sanding, heavy cut compounds, and finishing polishes to achieve 95%+ scratch removal from every surface.


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