Mobile Window Tinting Near Me

    An important step in finding a window tinting shop is to find a company with great Google Reviews. Professional Detailing Service has over eighty 5-Star Google Reviews from our satisfied clients.

    The second step in choosing a window-tinting company is to determine what type of tinting you need. Carbon film films block UV rays, while hybrid tints give the exterior a metallic look. They’re best for cars with high-end interiors.

    Another thing to keep in mind when selecting a window-tinting company is the quality of the film. It’s possible to find inexpensive tinting companies, but be wary of those offering low-quality films. You also need to consider the color of the tint. For example, if you need to tint your windows in order to get a higher VLT*, you should choose a non-reflective tint on the top six inches. Aside from the cost, check if the window tinting company uses a film that is certified.

    *For example, if you apply a tint of 70% VLT, it allows 70% of sunlight to pass through your windows.

    Visible light reflection (VLR) is the exact opposite of visible light transmission. VLR is how much solar energy is reflected off the glass and away from the inside of your vehicle. Because the sun radiates solar energy in the method of visible light, it hits the glass windows of your car, and two events occur — either light passes through, which is transmittance, or it’s bounced back, which is a reflection.


    Mobile Window Tinting Near Me

    When it comes to choosing the perfect tinting company, make sure to find one that is accountable. This industry is highly unregulated, and anyone can claim to know how to tint a car. However, if you’re looking for a reliable mobile window tinting near me, look for a company that’s accredited, insured, and has viable online customer reviews. 

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    Mobile Window Tinting Near Me